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Surviving New York City (pt. 1)

I’ve made it back from the Big Apple after an unforgettable trip. I saw some pretty amazing landmarks, met some helpful (and some not-so) helpful people, and got plenty of exercise. In a series of blog posts over the next few days, I’ll highlight the most memorable parts of the trip as I experienced many […]

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An inside look at an outside life

I’m not you’re typical Creighton student. By that I mean I have lived off campus for all four years of “the greatest experience of my life.” When I made my decision to attend Creighton, I knew that living with my parents would be necessary to keep the debt manageable. This means a 25-minute drive to […]

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Justin Bieber: what makes you so special?

I hate Hollywood. There’s nothing worse¬†than constantly hearing about celebrity gossip and mess-ups. My Thursday, and probably yours too, was filled with Justin Bieber references of his latest run in with drugs, alcohol, and pure stupidity. I don’t understand why celebrities feel they are the shit and nobody can stop them. “Do you know who […]

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Breaking the barrier

I’m a double major in graphic design and digital design/development. I’m far from a writer but I have¬†taken the necessary journalism courses required in my program. We’ll see how far that gets me as a blogger. Read More » » »

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