Apr 2014
Bobby Becker

Surviving New York City (pt. 3)

Bobby wraps up his journey to New York and shares his takeaway.

It’s taken me a while to post the final part of my series about my trip to New York. My apologizes for all of you who remained on the edge of your seats waiting for the end and instead fell asleep and lost interest (if there was any interest at all). So lets just get back into it.

The Empire State Building: New York's tallest skyscraper standing at 1,250 feet.

The Empire State Building: New York’s tallest skyscraper standing at 1,250 feet.

Saturday brought slightly warmer temperatures but the winds continued to gust at more than 20 mph. We started off with a walk to Dunkin’ Donuts, which conveniently served Baskin-Robbins as well. Finally we got the bus schedule down and took it to the subway station. From there we journeyed to the top of the Empire State Building. The view was priceless and it was amazing to look at such a big city from the top. We only stayed up there for about 10 minutes because of the wind. After some shopping, we headed to the championship game. It was difficult to watch Creighton’s uncharacteristic performance but it was certainly a very exciting atmosphere. Providence definitely deserved the W in the game with a great performance by their players and fans. Once again, it was time to head back to the hotel and as soon as we made it to our final subway station, I called for a taxi and gave my name.

After about five minutes, a taxi arrived, confirmed my name and took us to the hotel. About a half hour after we were dropped off, I received a call from a blocked number. I did not answer because I do not answer blocked numbers. I then received a call from a New York number so I went ahead and answered it. The guy asked me if I still needed a taxi. I told him that I had already been picked up by someone. He then got really angry and said, “I see what you are doing. You are playing games. I will never send you a taxi again,” and hung up on me. So I’m fairly certain I’m blacklisted from calling that taxi company.

Our final view of Manhattan from Queens.

Our final view of Manhattan from Queens.

Our final day in New York meant checking out of our hotel room by 11 am (we requested a late checkout of course), visiting the statue of liberty (we refused to take ferry in the chilly temperatures so we saw it from afar), and obviously more shopping (a.k.a. spending lots of money). After a good six hours in Manhattan, we headed back to LaGuardia Airport for a 10:00 p.m. flight to Chicago. We gained an hour due to a timezone change and arrived in the windy city at 11:15 p.m. We filled up the car with gas and filled our stomachs with Taco Bell (a trip is never complete without a visit to Taco Bell) and began the five-hour drive back to Ames, Iowa.

After I dropped Ryan off at about 6:00 a.m., I headed back to Omaha. Watching the sunrise and only having a couple hours of sporadic sleep is a horrible combination. At 8:30 a.m. I parked my car in a parking garage at Creighton University. Since I live off campus, I took a quick hour and a half nap in my car and then took a shower in the fitness center. I was deemed “homeless” by one of my friends and struggled to make it through the day. At 3:30 p.m. I finally got home and went straight to bed for a very long time.

After a spending four days in New York, I had mixed emotions about the trip. Overall I was satisfied with the trip despite it getting off to a rough start. Although transportation proved to be the biggest hassle, it became manageable as the days progressed. I cannot say that I will be going back anytime soon, however. The Big Apple is a place to visit once maybe twice in a lifetime for someone like me. Traveling to New York was definitely an eyeopening-experience. Being in such a big city gave me perspective that a life in Omaha never allowed me to see. I am so thankful that I was able to make the trip work (financially, mentally and physically) and am so excited for my next adventure, wherever that might be. My takeaways from the trip: I shouldn’t be trusted on the subway (even if I have a map), I will not be moving to a big city if I can help it and I am really good at spending money.