Jan 2014
Bobby Becker

Justin Bieber: what makes you so special?

I hate Hollywood. There’s nothing worse than constantly hearing about celebrity gossip and mess-ups. My Thursday, and probably yours too, was filled with Justin Bieber references of his latest run in with drugs, alcohol, and pure stupidity. I don’t understand why celebrities feel they are the shit and nobody can stop them. “Do you know who I am?” But really, we know way too much thanks to sites like buzzfeed.com and TMZ.

I really started thinking about the changes in celebrity life styles as the their limelight gets bigger. Today while watching I Don’t Know How She Does It in one my classes and at one point there was a Bieber reference. One of the characters was going on about how she wanted her child to grow up just like Bieber so he or she can become a billionaire. Not quite sure if she was aware drag racing and egging the neighbor’s house while doing crack was part of the package. Remember about four or five years ago when Bieber first came on the radio? As a boy with a girl’s voice, he was going places. I guess he didn’t realize that place was a Florida jail.

So who is to blame for these Hollywood transformations? Is it pop culture for feeding this sort of behavior, or is it the celebrities for not being able to handle the publicity? If you aren’t capable of doing your job then find something else because you’re not helping anyone.