Jan 2014
Bobby Becker

Breaking the barrier

I’m a double major in graphic design and digital design/development. I’m far from a writer but I have taken the necessary journalism courses required in my program. We’ll see how far that gets me as a blogger.

Although it doesn’t show in my day-to-day life, I’m a very opinionated person. Most of the time I keep my comments to myself just to keep the peace. It’s just one of those barriers I have I guess. Good? Bad? I’m not sure. In an attempt to shatter that barrier, I’ll be joining in on this collaborative blog system developed by yours truly (cheap plug at myself–I know) by expressing my thoughts and feelings towards whatever I feel like.

Just a tad bit more about myself. I’m an Omaha homeboy. Creighton University has been embedded in my life ever since I entered this world. I assure you Creighton basketball is in my blood. My family has had season tickets since the 2003-2004 season but the best memories are from the good old Civic Auditorium. Some very talented athletes such as DeAnthony Bowden, Nate Funk, Larry House, Kyle Korver, Ryan Sears, Terrell Taylor, and many more played at that 9,300 seat venue.

I loved that place. The atmosphere was at a different level than the current CenturyLink Center Omaha. Arguably it could have been the size, but honestly I think it was a different type of fan base. Every single person was there for the game–to yell, cheer, and support a highly ranked basketball team. A couple weeks ago I got a text message from my brother letting me know the people behind him physically shoved him down while he was standing at a high-energy point in the Marquette game. Seriously people? Show some support! Creighton basketball has turned into a social event. I just want to know at what point the fans decide to care? That’s another barrier that needs to be broken.